Due to increasingly cumbersome Customs regulations and shipping requirements in Argentina, we are unable to send our help directly to the communities benefiting from your contributions. We soon discovered that the most effective method to guarantee that all donations reach their intended destination lies in the generous donations of our community during local fund-raising events in the U.S., which are then distributed among partner organizations already established in Argentina. These allies extend our reaching power by assuming the responsibility to purchase and deliver supplies, tools, and other resources required to carry out our shared mission throughout the communities in need of our aid.


Before we choose how to allocate our funds, we take careful steps to ensure that these funds will be used responsibly and in furtherance of our mission. This includes researching the past, present, and future plans of each partner organization in Argentina, evaluating the potential for building strong relationships with these entities, the willingness of the communities to participate, and the operational capacity and fiduciary responsibility of each organization.

Once we secure material and labor commitments from our partner organizations in Argentina, we coordinate efforts to rally support behind our projects, both in the United States and in Argentina. By doing this, we ensure a collective participation, and we are able to impart educational workshops on how to maintain the new infrastructure.


When the project has been completed, we document every donation on our website and Facebook Page, using photographs, videos, and detailed testimonies in order to enable all supporters to see exactly which types of projects we fund, where, why, and how many people receive the benefit of our help. We take great care to ensure transparency throughout the entire process.