Argentinos Mirando Al Sur (AMAS) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization committed to enhance the lives of thousands of children and their families throughout the most vulnerable communities in Argentina. Since 2013, we strive to develop and implement social projects and resources that will directly provide them with equal access to drinking water, nutrition, housing, health care, and education.


Our team reflects a diversity of ages, philosophies, skills, and socioeconomic backgrounds, but we are all Argentines with a common purpose. Although we have been living in the Greater Los Angeles area for quite some time, we do not forget where we come from or what we left behind. The vast geography that separates us from our beloved Argentina has not been an obstacle when it comes to keeping our traditions alive and our loved ones close to our hearts. And this is why we joined efforts to create a network of solidarity committed to social justice.


We understand that the endeavor we are about to undertake will not be an easy one; however, we embrace the challenge before us without hesitation and we pledge our commitment to work as a team in order to forge strong ties with our followers here in the United States as well as with our partners in Argentina.